Commercial landscaping sends a strong message to your clients and residents. When your customers first walk into your place of business from the outdoors, they are entering a space that sends a message and the concept of liminal space is not out of place here. Liminal space, literally the ‘threshold” is the anthropological term that defines the space between the so-called outside world and the inner space of rituals and meaning. While usually used in a religious context, it can be applied in a commercial context because when entering a business people change their mindsets and their behaviors.  Men straighten their ties and adjust belts, women might check lapels and make sure a necklace clasp hasn’t come to the front. People stand straighter and get their heads in a business space. All of this behavior can be influenced by the environment and that environment is in turn influenced by the plants that are in this space.

Plants can define a space as a relaxing, welcoming space where business is welcomed and conducted in a spirit of mutual respect.  Interior landscapes can create a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Adding a few seasonal additions through the year can change everyday interior landscaping into a spectacular seasonal display with minimal effort and cost. For example, an effective winter display can be achieved through some simple, beautiful garlands strung along banisters and an evergreen tree. Add some lights in the dark winter months on top of this and you have a traditional bringing in of the green that we all love in  the middle of a bleak winter. From a liminal experience to a jolly feeling in wniter interior landscapes influence how your customers perceive your space.