Landscaping in Chicago can be a challenge but Moore Landscapes, LLC has the experience and the expertise that your residential or commercial property needs to maximize its beauty and street appeal. We handle all properties from ½ an acre to over 50 acres. We can even do the interior landscaping for your commercial building, condo lobby or whatever comes up! Creating attractive, durable exterior landscaping can be a challenge in Chicago. We have harsh snowy winters, rainy springs and our summers can be sweltering and brutally hot and humid.

We’ve come up with some tips for landscaping in Chicago. You may be facing some of the same challenges we have and we’d like to share some of our ‘lessons learned’ with you. The first set of these tips is about raised beds. Whether is it just a curb-like setting or a true raised bed there are some advantages to them:

  • Raised beds are a great way to funnel traffic where you want it to go, leading people into your building or home for instance.
  • Raised beds are also good for creating well-fertilized areas without having to dig up and do soil augmentation on the entire area.
  • Watering areas are easy to control when they are in raised beds. The water stays put and if you have a tree in the area, the extra shade will help control evaporation.
  • Protected from trampling – People have a bad habit of cutting corners through flower beds, not realizing how much time, effort and expense went into creating them. Flowers get trampled and branches get broken.
  • Raised beds not only protect your flowers from people, but also the from the damage that cane be done by a passing dog relieving itself on your plants.