Snow and De-icing Services

Let it snow! As one of Chicago’s largest landscape industry employers, Moore Landscapes has the manpower, flexibility and equipment to respond rapidly and perform reliably.

Year-round comprehensive site services

Moore Landscapes signed its first major commercial snow removal contract in 1963 with one goal in mind – to provide the best possible service to our clients on a year-round basis. As your landscape contractor, we understand the site’s physical layout, plant material sensitivities, microclimates, and timing of vehicular traffic and pedestrian circulation. With this in-depth knowledge, we craft snow removal and de-icing strategies precisely suited for your site.

Goals guide customized treatment approach

We work closely with you to establish goals for each area of the property and devise customized budget-friendly treatments that achieve your snow-removal and de-icing goals.

Management practices increase product effectiveness while minimizing usage

Moore’s snow management team monitors variables such as air temperatures, wind, pavement temperatures, exposure to sunlight, shading, weather conditions forecasted for the next 12 to 24 hours, and the timing of snow events with site uses. Then pre-treatment, snow plowing, product applications, and de-icing treatments are customized to achieve your goals in a manner that balances timeliness, budget and safety.

Snow Division led by nationally-certified CSP

Rich Pasek, Snow Services Manager for Moore Landscapes, is a Certified Snow Professional (CSP). This designation through the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) is the recognized standard for professionalism and excellence in snow and ice management services. Rich met strict industry experience requirements and passed a comprehensive exam covering seven core snow business competencies to earn this important certification.

Customers for generations

As for that maintenance client we started removing snow for back in 1963? After 55 years of continuous service, we are proud to say they are still a client.

  Rich Pasek, CSP, Moore Landscapes Snow Division Manager Chicago Snow Removal Services Chicago Snow Plowing

Let’s talk about snow! Call Moore’s snow management team today at 847.564.9393 to start a conversation.