Irrigation & Drainage

Trees, landscape plants and turf need the perfect balance of enough but not too much water. Water management is the practice of balancing irrigation and drainage to ensure your landscape has the correct amount of water to thrive.

Moore Landscapes can plan, install, calibrate and maintain the following water management elements:

  • Irrigation systems to reliably deliver proper coverage
  • Water features and fountains that provide aeration, soothing sounds and add beauty
  • Drainage and storm water retention systems that effectively collect and drain excess rainfall
  • Wetlands, bioswales, stream stabilization, and erosion and sediment control systems that filter storm water, reduce the loss of topsoil, and improve environmental conditions
  • Commercial Irrigation Services
  • Commercial Drainage Services
  • Commercial Irrigation Design
  • Chicago Irrigation Services
  • Chicago Drainage Services

Contact Moore Landscapes to discuss a customized water management implementation plan or maintenance for your property.