Interior plantscapes are a beautiful and healthy way to bring the benefits of plants and natural materials to the built environment.

Enjoy the benefits of a year-round natural environment

Moore Landscapes designs, installs and maintains interiorscapes that help:

  • Absorb noise and minimize sound conveyance
  • Reduce stress and promote a relaxing, healing environment
  • Create interesting, invigorating spaces
  • Enhance occupants’ wellbeing
  • Provide comfortable surroundings for intimate meetings and larger gatherings
  • Improve air quality
  • Mitigate harsh lighting
  • Help control humidity and temperature

Custom designs create one-of-a-kind indoor environments

Our interiorscapes project experience includes custom tropical plant material, bloom programs, replica plants, containers, and seasonal color for new and renovated atriums, office buildings, residential towers, mixed-use developments, medical facilities, collegiate settings and institutional buildings.

Expert installation and maintenance teams enhance beauty

Moore Landscapes’ installation team manages logistics to ensure the smooth and safe installation of your interior plantscape. Our staff of highly experienced technicians are trained to maintain, enhance and proactively preserve the integrity of the design, so your building visitors and tenants can enjoy an indoor environment that delights, soothes and inspires.

  • Commercial Office Plants
  • Commercial Retail Plants
  • Commercial Plants Medial Buildings
  • Commercial Retail Plants College Buildings
  • Commercial Interior Plants

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