Green roofs are the future. They serve multiple purposes all of which benefit our urban environment. Roofs are an area of greatly underused square footage in our great city. By planting a garden on the top of your building you contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in Chicago in many ways. Everyone knows that plants and having a city full of green roofs will improve our air quality. Using roofs for green space instead of black spaces of asphalt will also help mitigate the intense Chicago summer heat. Weather is getting more extreme and helping to keep out city cool is one benefit of green roofs. Green roofs not only help benefit the temperature control of the whole city, individual buildings also benefit. Having a cooler roof logically translates into a lower cooling bill for the owner and or tenants.

Where there are plants there is life; green roofs will bring wildlife to your rooftop. Birds and butterflies are among the creatures you can expect to see on your green rooftop. Whether you are planting food bearing plants, trees or  decorative flowers all life benefits from pollinators, and who doesn’t love to watch birds? People are recognizing the benefits of green roofs and hopefully tax rebates. Currently there is a Federal tax credit available, but in the future, there will likely be more incentive. Right now we can at least be happy we are following Chicago City hall’s example which has led the way in green roofs in Chicago.