In our city we know the value of space and people are becoming more and more aware of using rooftops for green space. Moore landscaping has experience and expertise when it comes to Green Roofs. Green Roofs are the way of the future. Here are a few tips for you if you are considering installing a green room or a rooftop terrace.

  1. The first thing to do when considering installing a green roof is to talk to a structural engineer about the size load that your roof has been built to take. Given that snow will also build up there in the winter is is essential to talk to a highly qualified engineer before starting any rooftop project.
  2. Think about the sun. Is your building in the shade of another building, or under the shade of trees? Think about what direction your property faces. This factor is important when deciding what plants to plant and where you want them. It is also important when deciding when to locate seating and other element, such as a BBQ.
  3. Green roofs have the advantage of being safe from animals. No deer or rabbits will come and devour your plants.
  4. Plan for winter. Make sure you choose plants that can withstand harsh winters. Your choices open up when considering flowers, however since you can plant annuals.
  5. Think about kids.  Make sure there is nothing near the edge that children could climb on and fall off from. You can also keep them in consideration by making a magical space for them play, such as a teepee from bamboo and covered with climbing beans.


There is so much to consider when planning a Green Roof or roof terrace. To talk to one of our experts, just call us!