Who partners with us?

Commercial properties
Industrial properties
Civic/Municipal properties
Institutional/Hospitals properties
Multi-Family properties

What size of properties do we service?

We have the capability to service properties both large and small, and everything in between. This includes properties ranging from less than 1/2 acre to over 50 acres.

Where is our service area?

We focus on serving clients in Chicago and the Chicago surburbs, reaching all metropolitan communities.

Moore Landscapes, Inc. prides itself in assisting in the management of our clients properties. Whether our client is a commercial property, a civic/municipal property or a multi-family property, it is our job to eliminate potential problems in the landscape, establish long term maintenance and site enhancement plans, problem solve if a dilemma does arise, and assist with budgeting. And, most importantly, it is our job to build strong working relationships with our clients based on trust, a thorough knowledge of the horticultural field, and outstanding service. Our supervisory team fully understands that they are the outdoor ‘eyes and ears’ on the properties we maintain. This proactive initiative frees up the clients time to handle more pressing matters during their ever increasing hectic day. The ability and desire to satisfy our client’s needs sets Moore Landscapes, Inc. apart in the industry and has contributed to its success.