Whether you manage a commercial building, an HOA, or a municipality, Moore Landscapes, LLC is the perfect solution for all of your property’s needs. We offer 67 years of Chicago commercial landscape experience in design, construction, installation, and maintenance and are the one company for all of your green services. As a business owner, you know that first impressions are a big deal. When you let a professional commercial landscape team in Chicago like Moore Landscapes, LLC help you, you’re business achieves a lasting and important good first impression.

Having your commercial property professionally landscaped includes many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Economic benefits
  • Physical benefits
  • Psychological benefits
  • Environmental benefits


Beautiful landscaping can attract the attention of clients and other people walking or driving by. Clients consider businesses that have beautiful landscaping as detail–oriented and proactive; thus, most clients are willing to sample the services offered by such businesses.

Physical and Psychological 

The advantages of human interaction with trees, grass, and other plants are clear and well documented. In fact, people find healing and stress release when interacting with nature, or when viewing nature through a window. Even more important than what experts say, is what workers instinctively feel about the green spaces and plants in their working environment.


Did you know that landscaping can influence the micro-climate around your building by 25 degrees Fahrenheit? This means that you can save on heating and cooling costs. In short,  the environmental impact of commercial landscaping includes:

  • water quality protection
  • rainfall retention
  • reduced soil erosion
  • natural resource conservation
  • improved air quality
  • reduced heat buildup