Hi Eric and Jim:

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your hard work on Roosevelt Collection. Although I am not there, Martha Spatz, a principal with Development Management Associates, called me this morning to rave about how fabulous the Roosevelt Collection Plaza looked for the opening party of the Kerasotes ICON Theater last night. The decor and greenery that you installed transformed the plaza and made it very inviting for the theater's guests. Martha told me that the weather was very uncooperative during the installation with cold rain and then bone-chilling winds. She really appreciated Jim being there during the installation to make sure that everything was installed impeccably and for also reacting with select landscape enhancements for the plaza. She also highly commended your crew supervisor for his very hard work and tireless attention to detail. Please extend our thanks to him.

We really appreciate all you help to put our best foot forward for the first phase opening of the retail portion of the project. Thank you for all your hard work and expert advice to make Roosevelt Collection look great for its first close-up.

Happy Holidays and all the very best in 2010!

Warm Regards,

Liz Napoli
Elizabeth A. Napoli, SCSM, SCMD
MC&M, Ltd.

I understand that you were quite the team in getting the last minute tree request for the boardroom. EXTREME KUDOS to both of you!! Jan, if you can swing it, I would like to take you both to lunch in the cafe when you are up here meeting on the mulch. If you can't do lunch Monday or Tuesday, find a day when you can....

Stacy Gatz
100 Grainger Parkway

The winter flower beds HL3 and the flower pots at ConAgra look magnificent.  Thank you so very much, we all truly appreciate it.

Roxanne M. Soden
General Manager
Lincoln Property Company





I wanted to send a note to you in regards to Nancy Hanson.  We receive an amazing amount of compliments for our spring, summer, fall and winter display.  Every season O'Hare Plaza looks amazing and I attribute it to Nancy's dedication.  Every time the crew is out to do a big planting, she is right there with them ensuring that everything is done perfectly. She has a major impact on how this property looks and I sincerely appreciate her efforts.  In fact, when I drove in this morning she was outside in her rain smock overseeing the installation of our winter display.

Jen Sweeney
Vice President/General Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.







Just a quick note to thank you for the beautiful mums you planted in front of our building.  They are spectacular.   On a dreary day like today, they just "pop" and brighten Touhy Avenue. They're also very visible from inside our building lobby and our Associates sitting on the south side of the building love looking outside at them.

Pat Knoll


Don and Jerry,

Thank you very much for your efforts in the front of the building.  Everything looks wonderful!  I have received many compliments already from parents, students and staff.
Thank you!

Kevin Jauch
Avoca West Elementary School

As if we would expect anything else, thank you for always making our property look so beautiful.

Tammy Reed
Lincoln Properties

Good morning Mr. Parker,

My name is Pam Siegman.  I am the Chair of the landscape committee for the Drill Hall in Fort Sheridan.
Dawn Rummel has been my connection with Moore for the past year and a half .
It has been a wonderful experience for me. Dawn is professional-patient-knowledgeable-incredibly helpful, and reliable. It has been a joy to have Dawn 'on my side' with all the frustration that comes with working with, and answering to a "Board", along with being responsible to the residents.  
Thank you.

Pam Siegman

Hi Bill,

I want to go on record regarding how we here at Westridge Townhomes feel about Nancy and what she has done to enhance our opinion of  Moore Landscapes, Inc. You know that it was not to long ago that my Board members were at the point of wanting to get rid of Moore as they felt we were not getting the kind of attention we felt was warranted. I am extremely glad I was able to convince everyone to give you (and I do mean YOU) a chance to straighten things out. The best thing that happened was bringing Nancy on board last season. As far as we are concerned You and to a very much greater and frequent degree, Nancy ARE Moore Landscapes to us.
Several of our homeowners and every one of my Board members comment about the work and hands on effort that Nancy has done here in our community. As you know, I am a demanding and critical President regarding our contractor performance. Personally, I rate you and Nancy at about 9 and 7/8 out of 10. Nancy has begun to get our property really shaped up and as I have indicated this is only the 1st year of our five year plan to make  Westridge IV the "gold Standard" for landscaped beauty in and around Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove.

I have told Nancy that we plan to increase our landscape budget by considerable dollars every year going forward from this season. We are counting on Moore to help us achieve our goals and thus, I expect you to advise your management that we will expect nothing less than Moore's full cooperation regarding personnel allocation, time and management. Critical to the success of our plan is Nancy Hanson's effort and her considerable professional knowledge. She is a first class, hands on manager and we will expect - no, demand is a better word, that Moore's management continues to allow her to allocate the major portion of her efforts to our community. You DO NOT want to harm the golden Kingdom, if you get my drift, Bill. See that your management does as well.

Lee A. Solomon, President
Westridge Townhome Condominimum Association
Board of Managers




I wanted to let you guys know I have heard nothing but praises about the flower arrangements around the corporate building this year  everybody is just in awe great job!

Paul Lisack

Dear Richard and Mike,

I wanted you both to know how pleased the Library is with the recently completed Regenstein entry garden.  Moore Landscapes did a top notch job (particularly Kevin Coe, the Moore project manager), as did the people from Kettlekamp and Kettlekamp (in particular, Kathleen Golomb, the K & K Project Manager).   Keeping the construction  behind the fences until the perennial plantings last week worked extremely well and impacted few users entering or leaving Regenstein.

You'll be interested to know that staff and users of the Library have gone out of their way in the last week to tell me how beautiful the new garden is, and how it works so well with the architecture of the building.  Last Friday, as I was leaving work, one user told me the open-ness of the garden had transformed his perspective on the brutalism of the architecture of Regenstein.  He told me that he now felt much more positive entering Regenstein; who would have thought a garden could make such a difference?

We're very grateful to you both.  Thanks for all you've done to make the entry garden such a successful project.

Jim Vaughan
Assistant Director for Access & Facilities
University of Chicago Library


My team and I are writing in support of an AVENDRA membership application by Moore Landscapes, Inc.  The Chicago Marriott O'Hare has used this landscape company for the past few years and their proposals for landscaping and snow removal have been competitive and lower than other companies invited to bid.  Their communication is unsurpassed and their concern for our satisfaction is demonstrated by their continual maintenance and follow-up with management to ensure our complete satisfaction.

Besides representing landscaping maintenance and snow removal, Moore Landscapes, Inc. has recently entered into the interior plant maintenance field.  This could prove advantageous to any properties interested in using the services provided by Moore.  There is currently only one approved landscape company in our area; therefore, it would prove beneficial to us for competitive pricing.

Properties we have surveyed regarding their satisfaction with their current landscape company have proven that there are definitely opportunities to improve landscaping, snow removal and interior plant maintenance services by including Moore in the bidding process.  We believe that by gaining AVENDRA membership approval, Moore Landscapes, Inc. would offer competitive pricing and an opportunity for far superior service.  Their experienced staff is knowledgeable and offer exceptional service, even when requests are made on short notice.

We consistently receive favorable comments from our guests and associates about the plant and color selections provided by Moore.  During the winter months, Moore is proactive when salting and snow removal is required.  Their team monitors the weather activity so a safe environment is provided for our guests and associates.

We hope you will grant Moore Landscapes, Inc. membership in the AVENDRA organization, and thank you for affording us the opportunity to express our support for this exceptional landscaping company.

Marilyn Zaprzal
Sr. Engineering Administrative Asst.
Chicago Marriott O'Hare

The Shure Associates are very happy! The new design is impressive and certainly brightens up the place.!


Thanks again. We appreciate the effort you all put into this.

Pat Knoll

Hi Bill, I want to let you know just how pleased we are with the results of last eve. I presume that getting Hannah to become involved was Nancy's doing. Nancy continues to gain greater favor with us and there is no question that her continued majority effort in our community will result in our continued major allocation of funds with Moore Landscaping. We all felt Hannah's presentation was excellently prepared, quite thorough and well presented. Though, we acknowledge it is likely there will be modifications and possibly even some changes, Her ideas and concepts have set our course and we are all anxious for spring to arrive so we can get this ball rolling. We appreciate your support and effort in all of this, Bill.

Lee Solomon,
President, Westridge Townhome IV Condominium Association.

We just wanted to take a moment to formally express our appreciation to Moore Landscapes and Dawn Rummel. You once againprovided our members and their guests a magnificent floral presentation here at Twin Orchard. The front entrance at Old McHenry Road and our circle driveway plantings were absolutely beautiful. Our members have enjoyed the beauty of these particular areas throughout the season. Bill, Moore LandscapesInc., Dawn, and your entire team have earned our respect and confidence.

Gavin R. Speirs,
General Manager/C.O.O.

As you know, we all take great pride in the appearance of our Church. You, along with your grooming staff, have always made us feel so proud to drive up to our property that always looks in such pristine condition. Please pass on our gratitude to your entire staff for the work they do for us year 'round.

Fr. James S. Gordon,