Our Approach to Sustainability

The need to create a positive impact on climate change is very real. The Midwest managed landscape holds tremendous potential to offset greenhouse gas emissions. We don't need to look to the rainforests in Brazil; we can make difference right here and now. Healthy people, healthy planet and healthy profits. That's how we define sustainable programs.

Our mission is to complete audits of clients properties and create goals for improved sustainability. By looking at the 5 key components of a Sustainable Site (Plants, Soils, Water, Materials and Human Health), we can develop a plan focused on good design and enhance the ecological health of your property in ways that are economically viable.

Long before being "green" was in vogue, Moore Landscapes was setting new standards of environmentally friendly design. Today, we're a landscape leader in eco-performance, constantly looking for new ways to improve efficiency and enhance the exterior and interior world.

At Moore Landscapes, we understand our responsibility to the environment. That's why our best-practice guidelines are the benchmark of the industry.

Water Management

  • We utilize current best practices in drip irrigation and rain sensors to minimize potable water consumption.
  • We seek to minimize supplemental watering of all plant material after the establishment phase.
  • We use advanced technology to calculate specific water requirements.
  • We capture rainwater and recycle wastewater for maximum efficiencies.
  • We encourage the implementation of bioswales, rain gardens, permeable pavers and vegetated roofs to minimize stormwater run-off.
  • We strive to manage snow and ice in a manner that creates maximum safety and has the lowest possible impact on the environment, using products that are site specific to meet clients needs.

Soil Management

  • Soils are regularly tested and amended only as needed. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants and reduced use of pesticides and herbicides
  • Landscape waste is tested, composted and screened for use as bedding mixes.
  • We employ mulching mowers to recycle green waste and reduce the need for fertilizers.

Health and Human Considerations

  • We observe the strictest safety standards, including safety glasses, hearing protection, and gloves.
  • We use efficient and lower-decibel blowers and are working toward eliminating all gas mowers by switching to propane.
  • We utilize most current IPM standards to minimize worker and visitor exposure to herbicides and pesticides.

Plant Selections

  • Our plant palette is balanced to include appropriate native plants that support biological diversity and are site appropriate to minimize resource consumption while maintaining good design.
  • We purchase plants locally to reduce fuel consumption and shipping resources.

Materials Selections

  • We incorporate carefully researched environmentally suitable materials, such as with low VOC compounds or of a recycled content

Green Roofs

We are one of the largest and most experienced installers of vegetated green roofs, proven to reduce daily energy demands by up to 50%, decrease storm water runoff and enhance aesthetic appeal. Notable installations include Sears Tower, 900 N. Michigan, Roosevelt Collection and Apple Computer

LEED Certification

Moore Landscapes works closely with owners and their preferred architectural/interior design partners to develop programs that fulfill the U.S. Green Building Council's standards for LEED certification. We follow best-practice guidelines to minimize water reuse and retention, maximize irrigation efficiency, and enhance environmental quality. Our staff includes LEED AP certified designers.