Interior Landscaping

A visitor's experience is largely intuitive...they know how they feel, even if they don't know why. Interior plants help filter benzene, formaldehyde and VOC's from carpets and furniture. Breathing clean air makes us feel better and think better and enjoy where we are.

With over 50 years collectively in interior experience, Moore Landscapes understands what works and what doesn't work. We've learned not to cut corners. Our reputation is built on quality and no one gains when it is compromised.


It begins with evaluation. Great design is the marriage of your wishes with the right plants for your location and knowing that they will thrive and endure.

Design is also using cool plants and cool containers. We're involved in the industry and we know what's new and different and proven to work. We go beyond set palettes and formulas to create a unique look.

Landscape Management

Regular communication with our clients is the cornerstone of our service plan. In a time when service levels are in decline, we won't disappoint. Our staff of highly experienced technicians are trained to maintain, enhance and proactively preserve the integrity of the design.


Installation is when the design comes to life. Experience gives us the knowledge to manage logistics that ensures a smooth and safe project completion.

Floral Program

We can place creative arrangements in your space on a scheduled or special occasion basis with less hassle for you. From cut flowers to seasonal blooming plants, we can customize a program that brings color indoors year-round.

Holiday Decor

From traditional to contemporary, our multi-cultural approach brings cheer to every setting.

Replica Plants

Sometimes the best plant is not a live plant. After evaluating your property, we may learn that replica plants are the way to go. In many cases, replicas may be the solution for problem areas where live plants cannot flourish. Ultimately, replica plants can produce a great visual impact in areas you may not think of having plants.